Advantages Of Using ReadyBoost In Windows Operating System
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Advantages Of Using ReadyBoost In Windows Operating System

ReadyBoost is a feature of Windows that allows you to use a flash storage device to increase the responsiveness of your computer. By creating a frequently accessed data cache, Windows can improve the speed of the computer to perform certain tasks by eliminating the need to retrieve data from the slow hard drive.

Advantages Of Using ReadyBoost In Windows Operating System

Features Of ReadyBoost:

Low Cost :

Inspite, flash memory has same performance characteristics as RAM, which also costs much less. Using it with a small flash drive is an inexpensive way to give your computer a performance boost -. And if you already have the flash drive, nothing costs.

Simple Setup :

it is easy to install compared with the installation of additional memory. When you insert a USB flash drive or memory card that meets the minimum requirements of speed, Windows will automatically display a message asking ” if you want to use the device for ReadyBoost “. Click the appropriate option, and then drag a slider to indicate the amount of space that Windows can devote to ReadyBoost storage. If you choose to disable ReadyBoost then click the icon of the storage device and select “Properties”. Click the “ReadyBoost” tab in the new window to disable ReadyBoost or to change settings.


Because USB memories and memory cards are very small, they are vulnerable to theft. it uses 128-bit encryption for your data, and only the operating system can access it. Even in the Windows Explorer it shows only the only ” ReadyBoost.sfcache ” file that can not be opened or extracted.


it caches program data on a flash storage device to increase the responsiveness of the system. This is particularly evident when opening and closing applications. Our Tech Team measured the time required to open and close Adobe Photoshop file with 14 images on a computer with 512MB of RAM with and without it. Without Ready-Boost, the computer needs 52.4 seconds to open Photoshop and 11.7 seconds to close it. After inserting a flash drive of 1GB, the computer took 39.4 seconds to open Photoshop and 2 seconds to close. These improvements are often less evident in a computer with high RAM.

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