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about OnlineCmag team


What’s OnlineCmag all about?

These 5 points would answer this question most precisely:

  • It’s (not just) about Computer Hardware
  • It’s (not just) about Tips & Tricks
  • It’s (not just) about Computer Security
  • It’s (not just) about Top Computer Products
  • It’s (not just) about The Cloud or Other technologies.


OnlineCmag Team

We here at OnlineCmag have one common trait; that is, to report more and more on all the interesting and important stuff about computers. Each of us have interests on different fields and thoroughly study and reproduce stuff we believe will make a difference. Here’s about each of us that play a vital role backstage.


Eswar Kumar

Currently pursuing an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he is far more than what his educational qualification speaks of him. One can say, he’s the best example of how a programming geek should be. Be it registry editing, code cracking or vulnerability exploration, he’s the expert and ready to take up the challenge.

Other than this, Eswar also writes on several Tips & Tricks in the Windows operating system, which mainly are focused at improving your system’s performance. He’s fond of exploring software and published illustrations on how to use them.

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Mohammed Sikander

Md. Sikander is a real pro when it comes to reviewing products. Pursuing the same Engineering Degree as Eswar, Sikander loves the market and product releases. He writes about several best product categories and solution providers, keeping all sections of society in mind. If we were to buy any product related to computing, he’s what we have got.

Always ready to help, believe me, Sikander is the ideal person you would contact if you ever get caught up not knowing which product to purchase. He has also recently started writing reports on various new technological products, thereby, helping small businesses save time on analyzing each other products.

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Kishan Reddy

It’s Kishan.who’s done all the writing on this page. Kishan goes to the same college along with Eswar and Sikander and all three of them have been friends for a long time (web designers too – their most recent work). Anyways, Kishan likes exploring facts about computers which normally people take for granted. He also loves getting into the bolts and nuts of all the equipment and the science that has provided us one of the best machines certainly man has ever invented.

Kishan talks a lot about Computer parts, their hardware aspects and from some time grown fond of how IT companies function, their infrastructure, technologies they use and things like that.

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The entire team collectively deals with stuff related to computer security, how-to guides and so on. Feel free to contact us on our facebook, twitter, or google+ pages. Have a great day!


“We Love It….. We Do It”

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    Excellent Job guys ….Keep it up.

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